Controlling IPMI-enabled devices (e.g. BMC)

# Remotely finding out power status of the server
ipmitool -U <bmc_username> -P <bmc_password> -I lanplus -H <bmc_ip_address> power status

# Remotely switching on server
ipmitool -U <bmc_username> -P <bmc_password> -I lanplus -H <bmc_ip_address> power on

# Turn on panel identify light (default 15s)
ipmitool chassis identify 255

# Found out server sensor temperature
ipmitool sensors |grep -i Temp

# Reset BMC
ipmitool bmc reset cold

# Prnt BMC network
ipmitool lan print 1

# Setting BMC network
ipmitool -I bmc lan set 1 ipaddr
ipmitool -I bmc lan set 1 netmask
ipmitool -I bmc lan set 1 defgw ipaddr


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